From low tech to high tech, Benny Xian grew up in a family-owned business and ended up working with some of the smartest minds in science and technology. It is the contrast between the old world, where human touch was important, and the new world, where efficiency is valued over human interactions, that helped him to see the importance of both technology and humans. It has now become his calling to help bring humanity back to tech and beyond.

Through a number of technology ventures, he worked intimately with many brilliant minds in launching world-changing ideas from process simulation (in search of global maxima), microprocessors (redefining the line between hardware and software), operating system (redefining the OS industry), to artificial intelligence (in search of insightful patterns out of chaos). Based on his experience, one of the most challenging tasks is not developing the technology, but, creating the environment where geniuses can thrive and collaborate together. While we have the knowhow to build high performance organizations in Silicon Valley, how do we build high performance organizations with high trust? It is because of this pressing question that led Benny on the path to study how our human mind works. The way we think is the driving force behind what technology we create, what kind of people we bring, and what type of company we build. It also became the impetus behind CompassionLab that technology without human values is meaningless.

Benny is the founder and CEO of VOYADI with the mission to help people connect and experience the world through inspirational insiders.  Benny has always been involved with innovative technology ventures from hardware, software, advanced/predictive analytics (AI), consumer, to enterprise.  A number of which focused on disruptive innovations as coined by Clayton Christensen at Harvard. Previously, he has played key roles from product engineering (Actel), product (Transmeta IPO: TMTA), to operations (Midori Linux developed by Linus Torvalds), to co-­founding and investing (BeyondCore – acquired by SalesForce).  After more than ten thousand hours of building technology companies, he recognizes technology by itself isn’t enough. It is what inspired him to design thinking and the need to focus on human experience and human values. He graduated from Stanford University with a MS in electrical engineering and a BSEE from University of Florida. He enjoys contributing to the local community, whether it is mentoring (Stanford StartX, GEM, Singapore NUSEA), advising technology startups (Lawgives, Mindsumo), or giving times to help others in the community.  Recently, he finds inspirations from interviewing high school students applying to Stanford.

Benny was born in China, educated in Silicon Valley, worked in US, Japan, Taiwan, and China, and lived in Florida, Arizona, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.  Benny is always up to exploring something new (aka Voyadi Experience).  It is through the journey of technology ventures where he gets to work with many amazing people and make many friends from around the world.  I welcome you to join us in the journey of entrepreneurship, travel, and life.